Release the Overwhelm Online Course

The 12 week comprehensive mind management course for professional women who want to fulfill their personal dreams without sacrificing career or family.

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Get clarity on what you really want in life

If you can dream it, you can do it - and I will show you how.  Start by understanding what you really want to create in your life.

Be proactive instead of reactive

Learn how to manage your time and your to-do list, so that your life isn't dictated to you by other people and the randomness of the universe.

Prioritize you

Learn how to take care of yourself and make your personal energy a renewable resource - when you have enough energy, you can accomplish everything!


Hi, I’m Anusha Streubel, MD, MPH - The Overwhelm Coach for Professional Women

I’m so excited to offer you this course - the course I wish I had years ago when I was overwhelmed and feeling stuck in a life I didn’t love.  After spending years building my career and establishing a family, I couldn’t believe that this was the life I had worked so hard to achieve - I didn’t feel happy or successful, despite what others around me saw when they looked at me.  I just felt exhausted and discouraged.

I spent years struggling, mostly through trial and error, before I figured out what I needed in my life.  Now I have clarity about what I am doing with my life and I have the time and energy to enjoy it!

Through The Life Coach School, I was certified as a life coach in 2019 and I completed advanced certification in 2021.  I developed this specific process of mind management for professional women using life coaching tools and my personal experience.  I’m thrilled to offer this to you and save you years of struggle like I went through.

Join me in this 12 week online course and learn how to master your time, your energy, your goals, your mind and ultimately, your life.

Release the Overwhelm Online Course

Are you ready to learn the skills you need to calm your brain and take back control of your life?

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